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Welcome!   We have a Strong Faith in God and Country!!! We will do our best to treat you in the very best way possible. If You be a Gentleman we will too.....It is so much easier when we can keep it friendly.

   We have been in this business 60 years. and during that time we have accumulated MILLIONS of Gun Parts. Many of these parts are available from no other Source.

  We are open 24 hours on the web...you may fax your order to 501-767-2750 if you like

  WE ARE NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC...We are just Mail Order.

That is why we don't list a street address....There is nothing for you to see here and we just don't have time to visit. We are filling parts orders as fast as possible. We are very Busy seeing that you get your parts as fast as possible.

   You can Return ANYTHING that you get from us f you do it within thirty days Unaltered and with the original Papers.     Please don't expect anything other than the above. This is fair and simple to understand.


We answer ALL E-mail; But...you would be surprised how many of them bounce back to us because your return address is not valid for some reason. Or your Mail box is FULL. We have no way to contact you with the answers you need. Double check your return E-mail address so we can help you with a prompt answer. #2  IF your message contains a "Virus" it is automatically eliminated by our Server or our own Virus Scan System.

  We will check prices for you or check stock to make sure that we have the parts. We will refer you to other dealers if we don't have the parts you need. At times we have to call other suppliers and they don't get back to us for several days...Please be patient and we will check and get back to you as soon as possible. Most times you get your answer the same day as we get the question.



KEEP PICTURES SMALL: A large picture will tie our computer up for a half hour or more to wait for it to download, so we have no choice but to delete them and go on with business. Most times we don't even need the picture to answer your question.

 VALUE OF YOUR GUN.  We have no idea of gun Values.. we are parts suppliers and we never hear gun prices. Ask someone who deals in guns in your area.

How many Guns were made of your model?   A question often asked:....We simply don't have the time to do research for you. If this is of great interest to you, Any good public library has very good reference books on most brands. Most guns aren't listed by the serial number for the year they are made. We are filling parts orders as quickly and efficiently as possible so it leaves little time to do research. This is not our job. Our job is full time filling parts orders. This is important to us and all we have time to do each day.

CHECK ON YOUR ORDER?  Sure we can do it. on E-mail , but we need the following;


Your Name and Address as typed on the order form when you ordered

What did you order?

HOW did you order, Phone. FAX, Secure Form, Letter , E-Mail?

How did you Pay?  Credit Card, Money Order, Business check, Cash ?

When did you place the order?


Most people get their order a day or so after they have us check... So give it a few days to get there, sometimes the Post Office is a little slow.

   We stock 95% of what you see on our web site  We can't keep everything in stock but we sure do try!  ASK FOR IT......


  PLEASE do not send any gun or frame to us. It will be very difficult to get it back to you !!



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