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            WE HAVE THOUSANDS GUN STOCKS WAITING FOR YOUR ORDER.                                                       Semi Finish Stocks.


                                Can I fit it myself?  Sure you can.

Generally, it involves pressing the action slightly into the stock. Then take a small chisel and remover the "Shiny " part where the action rubbed. Keep doing this until you have a perfect fit.


Professional Stock makers often brush Powdered Graphite onto the action and then remove the black part.


Powdered graphite is the stuff you spray into a lock. You get it at the hardware store in a small flexible tube. Be careful with it or it will invade your project/marriage and /World! Do it on newspapers in a safe place with a very small soft brush.


        If you get it trouble you can always get some advise from a Gunsmith


   ►Semi Finish stocks are Much Cheaper than Finished stocks! You do some of the work

      And get a lot of satisfaction and SAVE MONEY. End up with a CUSTOM stock at

     less than half the cost!


   ►Make the Stock Suit YOU.

       This requires only average wood working skill. It may require little or NOTHING at

      all to fit it to your gun. Stain the stock to your own liking.


  ► The semi Finish stock is  wood stock that is 98% inletted. (Cutouts for the Action and Barrel.)

Some are even CLOSER fit than 98%


  These stocks May require Slight fitting of wood to the action.

        This involves taking out some wood so it till fit snug. There is generally enough wood so

        The action can be fitted very close and professional looking,


   ►The stock is shaped and sanded to a smooth finish but generally you will want to do a very

smooth finish  sanding and Put on a stain if you like, and put on a final finish.

Gloss finish , Oil finish, Satin finish . Spray on etc


   ►You can make the Stock  fit the finish on the Forend. Everything will match.


   ►Below are some Pictures of Semi Finish Stocks and forends to give you a good idea

      on what you are getting. ALL STOCKS HAVE A BUTT PLATE INSTALLED.

    Stock Finishing Kit  $25

Click to Enlarge


ALL you need to put a Beautiful Custom

Oil Finish on your new or old Gun Stock....


Sandpaper, Steel wool, Tack Rag.

Stain, True Oil Finish, Stock Conditioner.

and Complete Instructions!  Make it Simple.




Click to Enlarge Picture;

These are Remington 22 Rifle Stocks with models going back 60 years or more, They are Inletted for the barrel

and action.  Below see the stock upright, so it shows the inletting for the action.


Click to Enlarge Picture;

Top stock is a Remington 550 Automatic 22.


Middle stock is a Remington model 10 Pump 12 Gauge. All Stocks that require a stock bolt through

the butt to hold it on the gun is already drilled.


Bottom stock is a Ruger 44 Magnum.



Stock and Forend for a Browning Citori Over and Under Shotgun.


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               and click on your brand for Pictures and Prices.