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Gun Stocks    


         Custom Stocks at less than

 HALF Custom Or Original Stock Prices!




    Pictures to the Right.........►►


SEMI FINISH; are 98% inletted.

You just do the minor inletting if

needed and finish sanding

the outside and apply stain

           and a finish.

      Save BIG BUCKS on

          Custom Wood!


OIL FINISH! Ready to bolt onto

               your gun.

May need very slight fitting but

  very Close to Factory Specs.


WALNUT; Oil Finish

     or Semi Finish


PEPPER; Two shades of

Black and gray layers of

       laminated Wood.


NUTMEG; Two Shades of

         Walnut Wood


Long Action: On the bottom

of the gun the screw holes measure

     7 3/4 inch Center to center.


Short Action; Screw holes

   measure 7 1/4 Inches

       center to center



    Classic Sporter design.

These have a cheek Piece,

recoil pad. No Grip Cap.

    Factory Barrel Channel


            Long Action

Click to Enlarge


#1 Vanguard Long Action Pepper

Thumbhole OIL FINISH.....OUT


#2 Vanguard Long Action Pepper

Semi Finish, Pad Cheek Piece OUT


         Not Pictured

   Vanguard Short Action Pepper

       Factory Barrel Channel

Beautiful Oil Finish Sporter

With Pad Cheek Piece.............$225


#3 Vanguard Long Action Nutmeg

OIL FINISH ,Pad Cheek Piece OUT


#4 Vanguard Long Action Walnut

Semi Finish, Pad Cheek Piece..OUT


#5 Vanguard Long Action Walnut


With Pad, Cheek Piece..........OUT


Mark V Long Action Nutmeg

      Oil Finish.........OUT


Mark V Long Action Nutmeg

       Semi Finish......OUT


Mark V Long Action Pepper

       Oil Finish...........OUT


Mark V Long Action Pepper

       Semi Finish.......OUT



                  Short Action

Click to Enlarge


#1Vanguard Short Action Nutmeg

Semi Finish With Pad.........$140


#2 Vanguard Short Action Pepper

OIL FINISH  With Pad........OUT

    Check back in February


#3 Vanguard Short Action Pepper

Semi Finish, Pad cheek Piece $160


#4 Vanguard Short Action Pepper

OIL FINISH Pad Cheek Piece OUT

       Check back in February







    Stock Finishing Kit  $25

Click to Enlarge


ALL you need to put a Beautiful Custom

Oil Finish on your new or old Gun Stock....


Sandpaper, Steel wool, Tack Rag.

Stain, True Oil Finish, Stock Conditioner.

and Complete Instructions!  Make it Simple.


    Short Stock Postage and Insured $12

Long Stock Postage and Insured $17




   Click to Enlarge.



    NOTHING Feels Better than a

        Thumbhole stock!

         Same information as to the left;

                     Long Action

Vanguard Long Action Nutmeg

         Oil Finish...  OUT

    Check back in February


Vanguard Long Action Nutmeg

         Semi Fin....$160

Vanguard Long Action Pepper

         Oil finish.....$225

Vanguard Long Action Pepper

         Semi Finish $160


                    Short Action

Vanguard Short Action Nutmeg

           Semi Fin....$150

Vanguard Short Action Pepper

           Semi finish..$150



  Target / VARMINTER

Click to Enlarge


This stock is designed for easy

Target shooting or Varmint hunting

 from a Rest or Sandbag.

       Available only in Semi Finish.

             Wide Flat Forend.

     Forend is Ventilated to reduce heat.

              See the Picture.

               Cheek Piece

                Recoil Pad


Vanguard Long Act Nutmeg

           Semi Finish..$170

Vanguard Long Act Pepper

           Semi Finish ..$170


Vanguard Short Action Nutmeg

Thumbhole Varmint Semi Finish

Ventilated Forearm. Cheek Piece


Vanguard Short Action Nutmeg

Standard Varmint Vent Forearm

Cheek Piece Nutmeg        $170



Click to Enlarge

Mark V Long Action Synthetic

Wood Grain! Recoil Pad, Checkering,

      Drop in fit.....$140

            (Only 2 left)

       Black Synthetic

          Stocks   $130


Weatherby 1500  L Action &


Weatherby 1500 Short Action..$130


         Weatherby MK-5

Click to Enlarge

#1 Pepper Long Action Semi Finish

With pad, Cheek Piece ............$150


#2 Nutmeg Long Action Pad,

Cheek Piece, OIL FINISH......$180


Plus $17 Postage and Insured.












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